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  • Turona Park

    Archeological Naturalistic Park of Turona (Parco Archeologico Naturalistico di Turona) is located at 5 kilometers from Bolsena, to the South at kilometer 108,200.
    The park is the characteristic hilly area which covers the Volsini hills in the North of Lazio: groves and water courses, in which you can find the arboreal and the shrub-like species such as the hornbeam, the fraxinus ornus, the privet, the broom, the honeysuckle, the elm, the elder, the dogwood, the dog rose, the medlar, the bramble and the rowan.

    The park is crossed by Fosso Turona and Fosso Arlena, which circumscribe the area and meander along their paths together with the famous “cascatelle” (little waterfalls). Fosso Arlena originates from the natural springs of Bucine, whose waters are drained to the lake.
    Typical animal species of the Volsini hills live in the park, some of them are rare, others are completely absent from the adjacent areas.
    There are species such as the grey heron and the white-throated dipper, the green frog, the agile frog and the European tree frog, the crabs (now rare), the eels – which migrate up from the lake – and some trouts. In addition, along the slopes of a smaller hill called Capriola, there is a sepulchral area where many artifacts of the grave goods were discovered.

    Today these artifacts are exhibited at Territorial Museum (Museo Territoriale) of Bolsena lake. Between history and culture, along Fosso di Arlena, you can find many ancient mills of the 14th century used by people of the adjacent areas and by the more distant communities of Marta and Capodimonte. Most of these mills (almost six or seven) were destroyed.
    However, at the top of the hill, next to the spring of Bucine, one of these mills is preserved due to the fact it has been active until 1960s.


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