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  • Cavour Exhibition Room

    Located at 100 meters from Piazza Matteotti, along Corso Cavour. It is a wide space that leads to an internal garden.

    Historical Background
    Around the year 2000, the previous administration changed the use of the ground-floor wide space and created a place to host every kind of exhibitions.

    Current use
    The wide space is divided by three large arches into three sections. It hosts individual or collective art exhibitions (painting, ceramic and glass art, photography, etc…)

    Internal structure
    It has a rectangular shape, two windows and three large arches.

    For more information::
    Major Administrative Office (Ufficio segreteria del Sindaco) Tel. +39 0761 795 412 segreteriasindaco@comune.bolsena.vt.it

    Download the rules of the Cavour Exhibition Room

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