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  • Hydrangeas Gardens and the avenue of the centuries-old plane trees

    At the beginning of 1900s two botanical experiments were made in the town of Bolsena: the planting of hydrangeas and plane trees.

    Bolsena, thanks to its volcanic soil rich in minerals and to the abundance of water, became a suitable area for the cultivation of a beautiful and luxuriant plant: the hydrangeas. At the beginning of 1900s the first species were planted in the traffic circle along the lakeside. At the end of 90s and at the beginning of the new century, Bolsena became a natural habitat for this kind of plants. Today there are kilometers of gardens, characterized by 120 varieties of hydrangeas. A real public garden which is visited by thousands of enthusiasts.

    Planes tree
    In 1900 hundreds of little plants were planted along the lakeside: the planes tree. After one century this little plants, become secular, characterize all the main streets of the Bolsena boardwalk. Some plants reach a circumference of 10 meters, becoming an attraction for many tourists; hundreds of these plants offer a thick shade and their height – reaching 30 meters – is impressive to the eye.


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